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Learning Village gives educators access to the best practices, instructional strategies, lesson plans, and resources from around your school district - all from a centralized SharePoint Web portal. Content from publishers is fully integrated into the portal as well as pacing guides aligned to state standards and supporting resources.

How effective is the Learning Village for teachers?
  • Connects educators to district approved lesson plans, publishers content, and up-to-date instructional resources
  • Aligns lesson plans and content to district, state, and national standards
  • Easily share learning experiences, best practices, lesson plans and have open discussion around educational issues within a virtual community
  • Plan for classroom instruction by reviewing student performance data, search for resources and aligning to district planning guide all accessible within the Learning Village
How to view content in the Learning Village

  1. Go to the http://village.dadeschools.net

  2. Enter your portal user name and password


  3. You will land on the dashboard. The dashboard is a collection of information modules that provide snapshots of new content, pacing guides, Sucess Academy lesson plans, district approved digital resources for grades K-12 by content area and upcoming events.


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Email: lvsupport@dadeschools.net

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