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Jamestown Reading Navigator


Jamestown Reading Navigator is a research-based, field-tested program developed specifically to raise reading competencies and test scores of struggling middle-school and high-school students. This highly innovative program is targeted at middle school and high school students reading at least two levels below grade level. The program is designed to be used by all teachers, regardless of their training.

Please use this checklist to ensure the best performance of the Jamestown Reading Navigator.
 Implementation Checklist

Access the program from http://jrnstudent.com

Teachers and students are assigned a user name and password. Both sets of users log into the same URL

Jamestown Navigator Log In

Fluency Record and Replay Verification

This section should be reviewed by both the District IT or Network Administrator and the Reading Teacher. The students will move through the program in different levels and lessons. Within those lessons the students are prompted to record themselves reading the assigned paragraph out loud into a microphone. External microphones are required for this feature. The teacher then has the option to play back, and score the recording for a grade.
Students will be prompted to allow the Macromedia Flash Player microphone for the fluency feature in the program. Students must click allow to record their fluency.

Audio Devices Test for Windows

1. Select ‘Start’ from windows.
2. Highlight ‘Settings’ and Select ‘Control Panel’ (Control Panel window opens up).
3. Select ‘Sounds and Audio Devices’.
4. Click on ‘Voice’.
5. Click on ‘Test hardware’ at the bottom. (Sound Hardware Test Wizard comes up).
6. Select ‘Next’ (wait for loading to complete and ‘Microphone Test’ window to pop up).
7. Select ‘Next’ at the bottom. (See recording and Playback ‘Volume’ Highlighted).
8. Speak into the microphone. If you see meter light up in green recording and replay is working fine.
9. Select ‘Next‘
10. Select ‘Finish’

Audio Devices Test for MAC

1. Click on the apple icon on top left hand side corner. Menu should appear
2. Select “System Preferences” from the menu. Preference window should appear.
3. Click on “Sound” under “Hardware” section. Sound window opens
4. Select “Internal Mic” for MAC with internal mic and “Line in” for Mac that uses external Mic.
5. Maximize the input volume progress bar and then say “Hello”.
6. If you see a flickering in the “Input level”, mic is working fine.

  Click here for fluency troubleshooting
 Click here for Technician's Training PowerPoint

Customer Support:

If you have technical questions e-mail Product Support at epgtech@mcgraw-hill.com please be sure to list your district and school name in the subject line for priority handling or call Customer Support at: 1-800-282-4123.

If you have curriculum questions e-mail your JRN Reading Coach, Kimberly Nix at Kimberly_Nix@mcgraw-hill.com or call toll free 1-800-930-9631.
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