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A web-based assessment platform that helps school districts, administrators, teachers, and parents track student performance on state standards. The proven paper-to-web solution helps close the gap between assessment and instruction by allowing teachers to use student results to adjust their lesson plans.

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Edusoft delivers immediate online access to student performance data while allowing educators to retain the practicality of paper-based testing. This powerful testing and reporting solution gives districts the information they need to help improve instruction and student performance.


Why Edusoft?

Students and Edusoft
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7,000 tests are scored and reported...all the way to the classroom

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Joshua is getting exactly the instruction he needs.



Paper-to-Web: How It Works

Paper-to-Web: How It Works
Paper-to-Web: How It Works

    Edusoft Training

Here are the steps to find our two types of Edusoft trainings.

For Edusoft Administrators only:
  • Ĺ day meeting morning - Edusoft - Getting Your School Site Started (no MPP)
  • Ĺ day meeting afternoon - Edusoft - Powerful Reporting and Data Analysis (no MPP)
Click "Find a Meeting" and search by moderator Thomasena Johnson-Hudson.

Find a Meeting for Edusoft

For Teachers only:

  • Full day session - Edusoft - Teacher Tools Module (8 MPP)
  • 1/2 day session - Edusoft Online Testing Teacher Tools Module ( 4 MPP)
Click "Find a Session" and search by instructor Thomasena Johnson-Hudson.

   Edusoft Training Videos

New What's New

The Edusoft Grader compatibility with Windows 7 is now complete

Instructions to complete this update can be found by clicking on the Admin tab, selecting Grading, and clicking on Download, Install, and Configure the Edusoft Grader. Please continue to follow the step by step instructions. This information can also be found on the Edusoft website under the Learn more about new Edusoft features link.

District Writing Assessment Procedures
Viewing Test Results for the ASRA/Iowa Tests in Edusoft
Publishing a Test from ExamView (updated)
Teacher Tools - Align Existing Test

    Resetting your Password

You can reset your own password by clicking on the "Reset Your Password" link from the Edusoft login page and follow the instructions.

Resetting your Password

    Edusoft Archives

Edusoft will archive your school site's previous school year folder. This will be done to improve system performance, clean up the locker area and facilitate the access and delivery of the Interim Assessment Instrument later this fall. Please note that this practice will NOT delete or remove access to anything you may have created on Edusoft last year. Rather, it will simply be moved out of the current view and into an archived locker that every user can access.

Please click on the link below to view a PowerPoint presentation that will walk you through using anything in the archived locker if necessary.

Updating Brother 8460N and 8060 driver

Click here for simple instructions to fix a problem on the Brother MFC-8460N and DCP8060 scanner.

Hardware Required
Click here to see the requirements

Edusoft's Minimum System Requirements
Click here to access the minimum requirements

Installing the Edusoft Grader Software
Click here to see the attached PDF for directions

Is Your Brother Scanner Ready?
Click here to access the Scanner Maintenance Document


Exam Data Labels:

Edusoft makes it easy to print labels that show the studentís name, the test score in raw numbers and percentages and a list of the questions missed all on one small label.

Enhanced Report Builder Test Comparisons:

  • Report Builder now offers you the capability to compare up to 10 Benchmark assessments side by side. Previously the default maximum was four. After selecting the assessments you want to view, you can select the scores, score types, schools, groupings and demographic options you would like to view or use as filters.

    red arrow  Course
    red arrow  Custom Group
    Custom Group
    • Economically Disadvantaged Free/Reduced
    • ESOL Levels
    • ESE
    • FCAT Levels: Reading and Mathematics
    • Inclusion
    red arrow  Ed. Program
    red arrow  Ethnicity
    red arrow Gender
    red arrow Grade
    red arrow Individual Student
    red arrow Period
    red arrow School
    red arrow Teacher

  • The Report is found in Benchmark Exams
  • Please see the attached PDF for directions

Report Shortcuts in Benchmark Exams
  • New options allow you to generate Performance Band, Class List, Item Analysis, and Item Response Reports faster and with fewer clicks.
  • These flexible reporting options make it easier to generate reports on additional tests, other student groups or quickly change report options.
Item Analysis and Item Response Reports in Teacher Tools Module
  • Now teachers have the ability generate Item Analysis and Item Response reports on any test in their Teacher Tools assessment locker
  • Review item quality indicators, student responses for each item, and commonly selected distracters.
  • With these new reports, teachers have more powerful tools to develop classroom tests that effectively measure student progress.
  • Functionality is identical to the Item Analysis and Item Response Reports in Benchmark Exams. Reports will be available for teachers in the Tools & Analysis section of Teacher Tools.

Student Performance Report

In Benchmark Exams and Teacher Tools, you now can generate a report that displays performance results for multiple assessments for an individual student. Better understand a studentís progress towards mastering your curriculum by reviewing results of multiple assessments side-by-side. These printable reports are ideal for sharing with parents. Please see the attached PDF for directions.


Student Performance Report   Student Performance Report
Online Testing (Teacher Tools Module ONLY)

  • Edusoft now offers you the flexibility to administer assessments online as well on paper.
  • View results directly after a test is completed and show your students immediate performance feedback as well.
  • For a test delivered both online and on paper, choose to see results separately by delivery method or rolled into the same report.
  • Online testing is only available in the Teacher Tools Module for your district.
Online Test Assignment Online Test Assingment Online Test Assignment
Quick Guides PDFs
 Creating Assessments
 Writing Your Own Questions
 Assign Online Testing
 Grading Online Testing
 Taking an Online Test (Student Log-In)

Best Practices: Edusoft Answer Sheets and Scanning


  Interim Assessments: Viewing and Printing Answer Sheets
 Data Analysis - How to create an excel document that compares student performance on baseline vs. interim assessments.
  Online Assessments - How to create online assessment on Edusoft.

FAQ's about Edusoft - click here
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